Monday, August 31, 2020

Marvel Fans have Comic-Con and FANX. Gamers have the Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3. What event is there for lovers of literature?

[I will be joining literature lovers at this event! We would LOVE to have you participate with us!]

For questions or to volunteer, email Rebecca at

A few of my books. There will be many, many more from various authors

Literature has the power to thrill and delight us. Books can comfort, inspire, teach, and guide us—even motivate us to take action. We can explore possibilities, expand our horizons, solve problems, and discover our genuine identity through the written word. 

Where would science and medicine be without documented research?  Where would teachers and education be without books to study? What compassion and healing would be overlooked without autobiographies? How dull would the world be without a romance, fantasy, or thriller novel? 

So, I ask you again. What event is there where literature can be CELEBRATED?



This two-day event consists of a festival, conference, VIP mingling with catered dinner sessions, expert panels, book signings, tips & training, 

Come and learn with us!

discovery corner for interactive children’s activities, contests, give-a-ways, concessions, vendor booths, discounted shopping, and wholesome entertainment suitable for the whole family. Whether you are a reader, writer, author, or professional in the field, this event is sure to make you smile!

Please join us on 11-12 June 2021 at the Mountain America Exposition Center in Hall 5. INSANE EARLY BIRD TICKETS are on sale now! Check our website for details at 

For questions or to volunteer, email Rebecca at


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