Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Compassion in the Midst of Chaos

An idea came to me this morning and I believe it bears repeating.

We get so busy with life. We complain about not having time to write because we have housework to do, or children to cart around to school and soccer practice. We think that our lives are as disorganized as our daughter's bedroom floor.

Photo by: Rubbermaid Products, courtesy of Flickr
Or we can have compassion in the midst of it all.

I'd like to think that writers are even better writers when they see that life is more than dirty socks and an old banana peel smushed underneath the bed. If we have compassion with ourselves we can also be compassionate with others when they do not live up to our expectations.

Photo by Archangel_raphael, courtesy of Flickr
We can let it go.

This morning when I was down on my knees in prayer, I felt a warmth from my window. With my eyes still closed, I knew it was the light coming from the sun. In the midst of my chaotic morning, getting children ready for school, trying to find matching socks, reminding my grandson that he really needed to wear clothes before he left the house, the Lord fed me with a little compassion.

In the midst of my chaos.

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