Thursday, August 23, 2012

Vacation Ideas Worth Remembering

I have just returned from vacation, and with that fun experience, some thoughts. All of those I'll be sharing today have to do with growth of one type or another--and more specifically--life.

Jesika enjoys the beach

My first experience occurred when I was waiting to get on my plane. You know the routine. Stand in line. Get your bags checked. Take off your shoes. Place all of your carry on bags on the metal thing--what is that metal thing called anyway? I've just forgotten. Oh, yes, the conveyor belt. Walk through the detector. Put your shoes back on. Gather your supplies. Head to your plane. Wait some more.

In this waiting I sat nearby a woman and her husband. They had a baby and were trying to keep her occupied. A sign on the carpet in front of me read: Warning Wet Carpet, but I hadn't noticed that the carpet was wet.

The sign had been placed who knows when, before either of us sat down.

I found myself listening to the couple who were now trying to find the bottle of water that they'd filled to mix the formula in. But they couldn't find the bottle anywhere. Finally, they discovered it underneath their chairs, but it no longer had water in it. Somehow it had spilled. They both got up and returned a few minutes later, the bottle filled and the formula swimming in its natural habitat.

And then, sure enough, a call was made for a particular flight. They got up with their baby and proceeded to their plane. But not before I heard the woman say in passing, "Looks like the sign was up even before we needed it."

I have thought some about her comment. How things were prepared for her mishap even before the mishap happened. And it made me wonder: What things by God or by man through God are prepared for us ahead of time?

Though this episode may seem inconsequential, it does make a point.

  • Have you ever been prepared ahead of time for a job that came later, except you weren't expecting a new job? 
  • How about preparing for a new home, that came suddenly, when you least expected it? 
  • I find myself wondering about my preparation in journalism and writing, hardly expecting to own a publishing company--at least one that didn't need a big office away from home.
After that experience I was drawn to other comments that connected with it.

"What would you do if you knew you could not fail?"

"I shall not pass this way again."

What are your thoughts about the first quote? The second quote?

Writing a pirate book?
You may want to consider this.
Although I'm afraid to do many things,
 I would never consider walking the plank.
 The above two photos were taken on the Lexington carrier ship;
Corpus Christi.

I have thought substantially about doing things that I'm afraid to do. I also know that this moment will pass and a new moment will take its place. My trip showed me that. And life continues to move forward, whether I want it to or not.

Heather enjoys the water


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