Monday, August 27, 2012

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Today I'm going to be bold. I have been a bit bold before but not like this.

So here it is: There may be some readers or writers reading my blog but...I don't know you exist!

How do I know that you exist and that you're reading my blog? One of the ways is by following my blog in a very real way. That means I know you've joined the ranks because your name is listed (maybe even with a little picture of yourself) right on the front page!

Now, I know there are millions of writers out there and we writers need to stick together! I would LOVE to hear your writing ideas and I would also like to know that you're listening in. What writer wouldn't.

So connect up will ya?

As for you readers, what writer doesn't want to find out that you've read one or more of her books? I sure would.

And especially because I have a new one out (and if you want to take a sneak peak, it's already available at Amazon) I would LOVE to hear from you too. Please, please don't be shy.

I look forward to hearing from you. (Hmmm, that sounds familar)


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