Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Get Real. What Being a Writer Really Means

It's time for a bit of reflection.

Yesterday, the house we wanted came through, and with all of the joy that comes when getting a new house, my next thoughts were, there's so much to do! Fortunately, I have almost a month.

A month!

In the process of moving, I will also be writing, reviewing and doing a bit more than usual cleaning. And then there's the packing and stacking and waiting, because you're living somewhere, but suddenly your heart is no longer where you're currently at.

Being a writer is a bit like that I think. A bit like moving, because there is always work to do and sometimes you're really not sure what to go about doing first.

Still, at the very least I can show you my house.

See that smaller door to the left? That's where you will enter if you're coming for some writing assistance or a book you'd like edited or published. Cool, huh?

Being a writer has its ups and downs as well as its moves. In the beginning I thought I was going to be a journalist. Then I thought I was going to write fiction. And then I discovered I really liked nonfiction. So you never know the moves your writing might take you.

Just like moving into a new house.


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