Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Happy Birthday's Need to be Shared

Today is my birthday. I'm 29 again! Isn't it great?

I have already received some beautiful and inspiring birthday messages and I wanted to thank all of you. When it comes to birthdays, the day might be something we look forward to, or something we don't...we are getting older...

But I want you to know that with each birthday I appreciate more what God has given me. I am grateful for my writing talent, for my great friends, for my family and for opportunities given to me almost daily to improve in some area of my life.

Photo by: Bulldog Pottery, courtesy of Flickr
Do I always like change? No, but I am grateful to be changing. What would my life be if I was a stagnant vessel?

flyskyfrp, courtesy of Flickr
And speaking of vessels, there is a reason they are called vessels. Vessels are usually made to hold things. If they are full already, they hold nothing more and the water (if that is what is inside the vessel) gets stagnant if it's not changed regularly.

As a vessel I hope to begin each day begin as an empty vessel eagerly waiting to be filled with good things, challenging things, things that I can grow by.

And I'm happy you are a part of that.


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