Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Making Changes in Writing and in Life

It's been made clear to me, especially lately, that making changes in writing and in life is the name of the game.

And change isn't always easy.

But it's exciting!

Who wouldn't want to make their writing better, more coherent, more exciting to read? Who wouldn't want to take their own life out of the pit of boredom, sameness? Who wouldn't want to take the next grand opportunity for growth when presented?

I know I would.

Still, change can be pretty scary, too, though I'm one for moving through it anyway. Who knows what will be on the other side of it?

A better book?

A better life?

Here's hoping you make today better than yesterday.



  1. Good luck with change! I look forward to seeing what your writing future has in store.

    1. Robin, I'll let you know! Thanks for the words of confidence.


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