Thursday, October 1, 2015

Fall has Arrived, Can You Believe It?

I have been thinking this morning, reflecting if you will, on the fun, family bonding I had this summer. With my grand kids from Texas and my original two grand kids that live with me full time, let's just say there wasn't much time to sit and reflect.

But now that fall has arrived, school has begun, and the weather has calmed (I love not having to run the air conditioner all day) my thoughts have drifted to Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

There is always so much to do that I'm afraid the reflection I am experiencing now will very short winded. I'm going to try and not let it.

My new book is out, and although there is some promotion that always needs to be done, I find that opening up my days for the holidays always brings in more material for later than I can ever hope to record. At least not all of it.

So, just for now, I'm going to watch the leaves change, the air grow quieter, and my hopes and dreams of family and all the holidays represent, fill me.



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