Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Author Interview? Character Interview?

Obviously, the new year has brought some difficulties for authors and some of my interviews are just not going to take place this month :(

The good news is that this gives me an additional opportunity to plug author and character interviews. In a nutshell, filling out a form, whether for yourself or your character, takes about 20 minutes of your time. If you have your author photo and book cover jpgs ready as well as a couple of links for me to add to the interview, we're talking possibly another five minutes of your time.

What do you get for that time?

New readers! Maybe even readers who are willing to try you out as a writer and buy your book!

FREE advertising! Can't beat that.

A chance to share who you are and what you do - or how your character thinks.

An opportunity for a possible trade. Many times I have authors on my side, who, in turn, offer to interview me or post my books for free advertising on their site. How does this help you? More readership for your blog.

I would LOVE to help you with your marketing. Why not shoot me an email today and let's get started!



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