Monday, January 4, 2016

NOVEL CONTEST!! Get your book published!

The beginning of the new year brings added news from Idea Creations Press.

We're holding our first - ever - novel contest! There is no entry fee only plenty of opportunity, so send in your book!

Here are the rules:              

1st Semi-Annual Writing Contest
 Contest Rules

·        Contest Runs January 1 – April 30, 2016.
·         Round one, January 1 – February 29, submit a synopsis of your book and the first chapter.
·         Round two, March 1 – March 31, finalists of the first round will submit their completed manuscript.
·         Round three, April 1 – April 30, personal interview and judging.
·         We will pick 2 different authors to receive the Winner’s Prize.
·         Author must not have previously published a book.
·         Author must live within the Ogden to Spanish Fork area. If you live outside this area, you will be considered, but you must be willing to travel or tele-commute for sessions.
·         Author must have the stamina and creativity to market, thus the interview.
·         Idea Creations Press will provide the first 10 books as part of your winnings. The author must be willing to invest the money to purchase any additional books. The estimated cost of a 250 page book is $4.36 each landed. We use a print-on-demand printer; as such there is no need to have a large quantity of additional copies on hand.
·         Idea Creations Press will place a one page ad on the back inside page of your book.
·         Idea Creations Press will announce the final winners on or about May 1, 2016.

At Idea Creations Press we are excited to welcome new authors to the publishing arena and hope you find this creative experience an exciting and life changing adventure. It is our desire to hold this contest twice yearly, so if your book is not yet ready, get it ready for the next contest. Our second semi-annual writing contest will begin June 1st, 2016.

We would love to publish your book if it teaches positive morals and values. It can be a fun read, too, but ultimately, good must triumph over evil; readers must be left with a positive message.

Generally we publish the following fiction genres:

Middle Reader
Young Adult

If your book doesn't fit in any of the genres or categories listed above, know that we are still open to hearing about your project. As long as the book follows the guidelines listed above and does not include bad language, adult oriented material (erotica) or excessive blood and gore, we would like to hear from you.

Although we are not a Christian publisher, we subscribe to Christian values, and feel like a great book doesn't have to include negative 'world views' in order to be accepted by readers.

Current and Previous clients of Idea Creations Press are not eligible.

What are you waiting for? Time to make your dream come true.


Full Editing of Book


Expanded Book Publishing

eBook Conversion (Mobi & ePub)

Trade Paperback Format

Custom Cover Design with Author's Photo or Artwork

Interior Customization

Black and White Interior

Unlimited Book Size and Format Choices

10 – Image Insertions

Electronic Proofs of Your Book

One-on-One Author Support

Company Online Bookstore Availability

Online Distribution through Amazon and Other Retailers

ISBN Assignment


US Copyright

Library of Congress Control Number


10 – Paperback Author Copies


Amazon Look Inside

"Marketing Your Book on a Budget"


500 – Postcards


Author Owns All Rights

Author Sets the Retail Price

Standard Press Release



Enter our contest by emailing us the following:

Full Name
Phone Number
Email Address
Book Title
1 page synopsis of the book (preferably in MS Word)
First chapter of the book (preferably in MS Word)

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