Thursday, March 24, 2016

March Mood-swings

Yesterday, I had an interesting conversation with my daughter who lives in Texas.

Evidently it was 85 degrees yesterday. The kids were out swimming.

As the snow melted like crazy on my front and back lawns, I thought about the mowing I'd had to give my lawn just the week before (yes, it was long) and the weeding and otherwise pruning that had already taken place and that covered with - snow.

Isn't spring amazing?

Even in Texas, they're still getting rain to cool things off, and then right back to the 80's again.

Sometimes writing is a bit like spring weather. One day, the ideas are just cruising from your fingertips like a hot rod, the next, the hot rod appears hidden beneath layers of snow.

And I guess that's okay.

We all have mood swings - and so can March.

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