Thursday, November 10, 2011

Get Smart!

Get smart about your writing! Take yourself seriously!

When I was a beginning writer I should have had business cards made up to promote myself as a writer! Instead, I snuggled under my down comforter and wrote my heart out. I didn't see myself as a writer then, just a writing fanatic. I wrote whenever I got the muse and this satisfied me. My husband knew that I was a writer, but I didn't share my dream with others.

This was a mistake!

Today I tell my writing clients to create a business card with "writer" written on the top, talk about their writing to anyone who will listen, take writing classes where they can meet other writers and get their work seen, start a blog; in other words, get the word out!

The best way for others to see that you're a writer is for you to believe it first. If you have to write it up on paper for you to say every day, do it! If you have to look in the mirror and say, "I am a writer," fifty times, do it! No more excuses for you today. Today is the first day of your "get smart" writing career.

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