Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Writing Without Thinking

I love it when I start writing and I'm not thinking about how a story is going to go or a post is going to end. I love this way of writing because I never know what's going to come up and what I'll need to weed out later.

It sort of reminds me of posting on facebook, only you don't want to have to retract anything later so it's a good idea to think before you write, but I like the fact that you can share your day with friends and acquaintances.

Writing without thinking is free in the sense that you are focused on getting out what you want to say and less on how it's going to proceed.

Tomorrow is going to be a fun day. I know that because we've got some fun things planned with family. We begin our morning with a breakfast and a little ones neighborhood parade, come home to some lounging and puzzle making. We purchased a "fireworks" puzzle for the occasion. We'll end the night with a family dinner and banana roast.

I am in need of this day; aren't you?

Here's hoping yours is happy!


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