Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Need a Bit of Heaven?

Just a Glimpse...


It's too bad we can't live in heaven 24/7.
But what if we could tap into heaven whenever we wanted to, grab a handful of blue sky, reach for a rainbow, scatter the feelings of love born there whenever we needed it or wanted it?
What if a girl could fly? Where would she travel first?
What if a hippo could talk? And we actually learned something from him?
What if a dragon could not only fly, but sing? Would we listen?
What if we could reach heaven 24/7?
Right now, in this very second, as you read that very last line, did you think to yourself, "How can I truly reach heaven while I'm still planted firmly on this earth?"
How truly?


I have felt, even known that the concept of living Heaven 24/7 is a reality, though living this kind of life is often unrecognized in my daily, busy, hustle and bustle life.
Stuck, yep, I’ve been stuck many a time. I’ve thought, “Why am I having such a miserable experience?” I have thought the proverbial, “Why me?” on many occasions. Yet, I have learned the beauty of this:
What if each moment is shaped, sculpted per se, given by heavenly design just for me? Just for me to…look at it…make a choice…hear or see something vital, critical, or beautiful…be inspired…be chastened…be in the right place to serve someone or be an instrument to answer their plea or prayer? What if?
What if this very moment is given to look to heaven, for heaven is always waiting for me to embrace it. Am I paying attention?  When I reach for Heaven, Heaven always reaches back. Am I keeping myself connected to what already is tangibly here on this earth and available to me…Heaven? Hummmm…

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