Wednesday, February 8, 2017

What it Really Means to be a Writer

It's not always easy being a writer:

Sometimes you miss out on an event because you are writing on deadline.

Sometimes, your work just needs another draft before its release...

Sometimes you find yourself too busy with everyday life to sit down and write at all.

Sometimes, you get feedback you don't like about your work or a one star review. 

It really takes some guts to keep going.

And when I say, keep going, I mean KEEP GOING.

You're not thinking of the past and all of the good stuff you've missed out in your life - you're thinking about what you've gained.

You're not upset about re-writing because you want your book the best that it can when you release it.

You're not too busy EVER to write, because writing is your life, and you make time for doing what you love.

You're not afraid of feedback because you know that some of it is valuable information - information that can be used to make your work better.

Being a writer is like walking a long path that isn't always clear, and yet, you remember the cobblestones underneath. You remember the colors, the textures, the way the wind felt against your cheek. 

To walk a writer's path, your writer's path, you are not always looking behind you either. In fact, you're looking forward most of the time, just waiting for the next bend, the next tree, the next idea.

And that's what being a writer is really all about, I think. Not looking behind, but forward. Always forward.

Forward March!


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