Monday, August 28, 2017

AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT: Mark Minson and Nic of Time

"After leaving Will O'Reilly to pursue the removal of Paul from The Council of Magic, Nicole finds the tables have turned. When she finally returns to Will's house, he has disappeared leaving her a mystery to unravel. 

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Meanwhile, Kyle, Will and Leroy find themselves neck-deep in the ongoing war with MAIM. 

Can any of them survive long enough to prevail?

The thrilling conclusion of the Phoenix Cycle Series!"

 Chapter 1

Will stood up from his couch slowly, using his left arm instead of his right to push himself up after the bullet to his right shoulder. His poor right leg suffered a knife wound and now a bullet wound. 

Nicole stepped to him, wrapping her arms around his waist to stabilize his left-dominated stance. This better end quickly because his wounds hurt her too. Being in his own home should provide some protection and emotional healing. As one of the last extraordinary-talent level magic holders alive, he had become more valuable to the world.

She kissed him again.

“Don’t forget about me,” he said.

Nicole smiled as she stepped back pulling out her wand. Forget about him? He had buried himself too deeply in her soul. Had the attack at Peterborough really only been hours ago? Her teeth ground together. Paul was the leader of MAIM and the Speaker for The Council of Magic. She almost wished she didn’t belong to The Council anymore. All of the ET’s that died on her watch, all of those blank stares from dead eyes. Paul had caused them all. A calming rage settled on her. Time to take out the garbage on The Council. But first, she needed her official red Council robe back—the heavy, hooded symbol of the position she still held.

“Same to you William O’Reilly. Same to you.” She cast the travel spell and a beam of light appeared around and above her. She followed it to the destination fixed in her mind.

Will’s hotel room in Peterborough came into focus as the light vanished. The foot of the bed was a few feet away. Her robe lay on the bed. Will’s suitcase propped open on a chair to her right. Four men sat on the bed playing cards by the light of an electric bulb overhead. For a small town trying to stay that way, they adopted technology quickly.

One of the men looked up at her, “Whoa! Get the guns!” ...

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