Friday, May 25, 2012

Writer's Cramp

All I can say is that this must be a painful week. I have worked hard and now that I am free to do some things of my choosing I have no idea what to do.

Ever feel like that?

Do you ever get moving so quickly that when you finally slow down there becomes space in your day for who knows what?

And so I'm going to finish reading a book today, one I keep putting off. And it's not because the book's not good. It's called, "The Success Principles," and is written by Jack Canfield. I don't really know Canfield but I feel as if I do. His words speak to me all of the time.

"Continue to speak from your heart and you will do well."

"Look to where you spend your time. Determine if those activities truly serve your goals or if saying no would free up your schedule for more focused pursuits."

"You attract more of whatever feelings you are experiencing. Being negative, angry and unforgiving about a past hurt only ensures that you'll attract more of the same into your life."

Photo by: Ed Yourdon, courtesy of Flickr
Today, if you have writer's cramp like I do, (it may even be the keyboard kind), let go and spend some time doing something you've been putting off.

It may be a good book. A walk. A visit with a friend.

It may just be that your time has freed up, if only for a day, for a reason.

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