Saturday, September 29, 2012

Are You Ready to Give Up?

As a writer we have daily "opportunities" if you will to either keep going or to give up.

We might receive a poor review, a returned manuscript, a harsh critique, but if we are wise we'll keep on going.

No writer is perfect. We all make mistakes, have things to learn, and must continue forward despite the way life dishes out the dirt.

I really love dirt.

When I was a kid I'd make tunnels in the moist stuff and take my little cars on adventures. I had superb garages, endless roads and a thousand mud particles underneath my fingernails, but it felt so good to be a part of it.

photo by goat_girl_photos, courtesy of Flickr
Ever make a mud pie?

Just add water.

How I love mud pies!

When I got too dirty outside my mom would make me wash up, but I was always out the doors again for some more dirt.

Today, consider washing up as a sort of 'looking at the dirt that has just been thrown at you.' See it on your hands, inside your fingernails, up your arms, and as the warm water washes the stuff down the drain, see your clean hands ready to keep on creating. 

If you're ready to give up like I was a couple of days ago--don't. Sit down right now and write. I mean it. You'll feel a lot better.


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  1. good advice, write-write-write. I keep a morning journal aka Julia Cameron to sort out all kinds of negative feelings...


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