Saturday, September 1, 2012

Scrambled Life

Yes, today is the big day to get my cozy mystery, Scrambled for $2.99, but I also wanted to talk to you for a few minutes about what led up to this day.

Years ago, when I first began this cozy mystery I was in college. I was in my 40s and had decided to attend college to get my degree in Mass Communication. Of course, my degree was intitally English but that's another story.

One of my first classes was a creative writing class where the instructor actually allowed the class to write creatively--if you've ever taken a writing class in college you'll understand what I mean. Many classes tell you that they're a fiction writing class or a nonfiction class; far fewer of them deliver. What you're expected to write is some sort of acedemic piece, not something for the average reader who enjoys a great book.

What I found from this class, however, was that I was expected to use my imagination and I was expected to write what came from my heart. And I liked that just fine.

Even now, as I think about that class I am grateful for the assignment given to me to begin a short story of my choice because that's when Scrambled was born. After writing a few pages I realized that the short story was in actuality a book, but it took me far more years to actually finish it.

There was school to finish, a job to find, and many more life experiences that clouded this dream for awhile. And then my daughter read the book, and my two sisters.

I think it's true that honest feedback can help you to see what you've been missing and what you need to get back to, and my daughter and two sisters helped me to see that I needed to finish this book. But not only that, that I needed to make it a series.

So, here's book 1:

Book two will be out in 2013.

It's entitled, "Sunny Side-Up." Book three? I even have that one going in my mind. What do you think of the title, "Hard Boiled?"

Expect some fun in the next few years with the latest Susan Sleuth Mystery, and prepare yourself for the future for I have other surprises to come!

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