Friday, November 2, 2012

Why Do You Write?

I am thinking this morning about why I write. And why, when I think I'll simply give up on my writing, I continue to move forward.

It's probably because:
    Photo by: burstingwithcolors, courtesy of Flickr
  • I love writing. Writing takes me out of my stuff or helps me to deal better with my stuff. Writing brings me joy.
  • I can write when I might be doing the dishes.
  • I get to see my name in print and make money doing what I love.
  • Someone writes me from England. They've read my stuff and like what I do. (I'm in Utah).
  • I get notes. "Your book has changed my life," the note reads.
  • I get to publish (finally) my books in my own time, by my own creative power. I no longer have to wait years for a publisher or agent to gain interest.
  • I get to meet other writers. We help each other to be successful.
  • I get to meet readers face-to-face and share in their love of reading.
This is my list. Do you write? What would you add?



  1. It's helps me accomplish my mission or passion-helping others find their voice!

  2. Got to let the words out; got to write


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