Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What Books Are Made Of

I have been thinking this morning about books. No surprise there, but what may surprise you is what I've been thinking about books.

We all know that books are made from paper and that paper comes from trees.

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What we may not know, or even have the courage to ask, is "Why do some books fail, while others succeed?"

But before I answer that question, it may be important to define success.

Is success making it to the top five in your category on Amazon?
Is success being at your book signing and having a line waiting for you to autograph your book?
Is it getting frequent calls to speak?
Is it becoming popular, so popular others know you when they see you walking down the street?

Books are made of many things. Bark. Sap. Greenery. And it takes great skill (and other things previously mentioned in my posts) to become successful at writing.
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So, why aren't you a success?

You've seen the movie stars write books and sell plenty, but they may or may not be a good writer. You've seen television personalities write books and sell tons, (just think of Dr. Phil). And you've more than likely seen writers who have worked their way up to stardom, and others, who, frankly, just got lucky. Their book "theme" was just the right one that people needed at just the right time.

Who knew?

I realize that most of us out there don't fall into any of these categories, but I think that's okay.

When I sell a book I hope the reader gains what they need from it. I hope they learn something. I hope they're a better person because they've read one of my books. Obviously, the Christian books I write fall in to that category, but I hope that (even if the book shelves out nothing more than a good read) I hope they feel it.

It's what we all want.

Books. They're hopefully filled with captivating characters, a setting that breaks the ice, and even, a plot that is so striking, so powerfully maneuvered, that frankly, we just can't put the book down.

Will we sell millions and millions of copies if we do that?


If we add marketing to the mix?


But we'll never know unless when get those words on paper and shuffle them out.


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