Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Paying it Forward as a Writer

As a writer there are plenty of opportunities to pay it forward. Consider how you felt when you first started writing, before your first article sold or your first book. How did you feel about yourself as a writer? Did you feel as if you were merely 'faking everyone out'?

I know I did.

I constantly thought, "What if they figure out that I'm really not a writer? That I have no idea what
I'm doing?"

Amazingly, I still have some of those thoughts even now - but this is usually when I get a poor review or my mind is so clogged with daily routine that nothing comes to my mind to write.

Paying it forward as a writer is important. Someone was there for you and now you can be there for someone else.

Some of my greatest happiness comes when I serve other writers - especially beginning writers. That's why I:

Do free speaking engagements
Do book signings
Teach writing through my mentoring classes
Offer occasional workshops for the writer
Answer telephone calls and speak to writers who have questions
Do an occasional book review for another writer
Write guest blogs for other site without compensation
Run a contest
and more.

Suffice it to say that because I know how many writers think and feel about writing including their insecurities and fears, I know what I can do to assist, and ease the journey a bit.

What can you do?

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