Tuesday, November 10, 2015

BOOK TOUR: Vicki V. Lucas

Check out the new book by author, Vicki V. Lucas!

Book Description: 

“Don’t go near the horses, and no hiking in the Razors.”
Twelve year old Geona drank in the beautiful sight of the moonlight shining on the horses around the large barn.

Shalock Stables. Home of the greatest racing horses in all of Eltiria.

And Papa now worked here! They lived just steps away from the biggest barn of the stables. It was perfect!

Only it wasn’t. She wasn’t allowed to help Papa with the horses. She couldn’t even ride. Tristan, her older brother, wasn’t permitted into the Razors, the massive mountains filled with peril and adventure.

When a beautiful chestnut filly is badly beaten, Geona has to do something. Her parents just say that Adoyni has a plan, but she can’t wait for Him any longer.

Geona risks her life to save the filly, but the dangers are greater than she had imagined. Is the filly lost forever, or can she save them from disaster?

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Author Bio:

Vicki V. Lucas has published two fantasy young adult novels, Toxic and Rancid, a young adult supernatural novel called Devil’s Pathway, a short story series titled Angel Warrior Files, and The Truth about Angels: What the Bible Says. Explore further at www.vickivlucas.com.

5-Star Review Excerpt:

"From the very first, this story drew me in. The character development is good, the action is good and age-appropriate, and the pacing is perfect for this style of book and for the intended audience (girls aged 9-12)." -Susan E. Thomas (taken from Amazon)

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