Friday, July 30, 2021

How To Stop Getting Stuck - Four Ways I Get Through Writer's Block

Writer's block you say?

I know exactly how you feel. You're speaking beyond your roof. To the clouds. And then - whack! the clouds are gone and the roof has caved in.

Photo by Matt Artz

Now what? First things first. Pick yourself up. Writer's block happens for a reason, a least for me. 

I need to relax. 
I need to focus on something else.
I am not interested in what I am writing.
I should be doing something else.

Relaxing usually helps me. I take a break. I read. I sleep. I go outside for a walk. I breathe in and out.
When I go back to writing my mind is refreshed.

Focus. I need a break from what I am currently doing. I focus on another project that I have been putting off. I focus on a new idea - something still in the creation stage. I write nonsense. 

I am not happy with what I am writing. Maybe the writing isn't me. I pick up the book, "A Writer's Year -365 Creative Writing Prompts" by Emma Bastow. Great book to pull stuff out.

I should be doing something else like marketing. I don't want to market [necessarily] but I have a new book coming out at the end of August and I need to get the word out.

Writer's block doesn't have to stay - at least for very long.

See that hole in the roof?

When you look up you can still see the sky.

Photo by


Thursday, July 29, 2021

Getting it Done: Preparing for a Book Launch

I'm in the midst of it, a book launch like no launch I have ever done before! Book reviewers are on my list, interview opportunities, podcasts, postcards, T-shirts, prize giveaways - for the first time I will be giving away a $25 Amazon gift card to a lucky winner along with my book at Novels Alive, (come see me on August 23rd) guest posts galore, Kindle pre-orders, and more!

Fortunately, everything is written down and organized, though I still have layers of paper on my desk from people yet to contact or people I've contacted already.

And then there's my own blog and my monthly newsletter to keep going! 

What I haven't thought much about are book signings. With COVID still running more rampant than makes most of us feel comfortable, setting up a signing is a bit difficult, but I am planning on doing some holiday signings this year, and you need to plan on coming to the writer's conference at the American Fork Library in September. That will be the first place I will have my book - live - with an opportunity to autograph!

Book Trailer!

A big THANK YOU to those who have already joined me in this quest! 

Monday, July 26, 2021

Books - Bryce Canyon and More!

No, you haven't heard from me in a week, but my family and I have been to Bryce Canyon. What a beautiful place to get inspired! We stayed at the Evergreen.

Myself and my daughter, Tiffanie in front of the cabin.

The stairs to the second floor where my daughter and her two kids slept were an exercise in and of themselves. Fortunately, my husband and I got to sleep on the main floor.

The view from our porch, and where I wrote every morning. It was splendid! So quiet!

One of my favorite places - Mossy Creek

My family

The Hikes were worth it, though I wish I had been in better shape!

While I was on vacation, this announcement went up here!