Monday, April 10, 2023


 It doesn't take much for me to begin thinking about summer.

Just get rid of the snow and replace it with the sun in one week!

We had our annual Easter get-together. This year we had 14 of us, Jesus (I always take down a picture of Christ and set it in a chair) both grandmothers, my daughter Tiffanie and her family, my daughter Bethany and her family, and Aimee and her family via Zoom in Texas. Of course, we couldn't send the excellent food my husband cooked through the computer screen, but we did manage to have a spiritual feast reading various scriptures about Christ from the prophets.

Jacob, as always, didn't want to eat much but was anxious to get to the "fun" part. Finding eggs on the Easter egg hunt. There were plenty!

I Hope your Easter was just what you wanted it to be this year. 

All my love,


Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Keeping the Faith

I am a faithful writer. I am also a faith-filled person.

I believe in faith like the water I drink, the feet I stand on, and the hands that reach for me in my distress. 

Life isn't always about what you expect, neither is it easy, as any rock-solid, faithful person will tell you. Life isn't about doing what you want when you want it. Usually, it is about doing what is right, which makes the thing you are doing inconvenient and difficult. 

If the waters of life are God, then the boat we must sit in to travel through life, is faith. Sometimes we have oars, we feel as if we are traveling along swimmingly. We feel as if we can get to shore if need be. But there are times in that boat, when the oars are nowhere to be found, or the oars wouldn't be of use anyway because we are traveling down the rapids to the falls.

Clinging to both sides of my boat, my face so wet that I cannot see, it is all I can do to keep upright. But I need to move forward. I have to. Sitting in my boat I see others in their boats. Some are smiling. Others are crying. Dare I say it? Many, so many that I cannot count them, are traveling down the rapids of life too. 

I want to scream, "You can do it!" "I know it's hard!" "I know the journey is taking everything you have, but you can do it!"

I know the rapids are loud, so loud it feels impossible to hear the still, small voice. But I also know we are NOT the only person sitting in our boat. I know this because I am not the only one sitting in mine.


Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Stepping back, moving forward

You may have noticed. I have stepped back a bit.

If you've been receiving my newsletter, I'm trying to decide if I want to bring it back.

I have also stepped back on my blog posts.

I have been writing, however, and editing, and trying to keep somewhat busy with my favorite things. 

Reading. Going out to eat. Talking with friends. Reflecting. 

Things today just seem to be ramped up in stress. Even work away from home has done its share of white hair days. Some days, can I just say it? I just want to sit back and watch a few movies. 

Today was a nice surprise. Lots of snow. More snow than I want to shovel, but I do get help over here. School is closed, and my husband was able to stay home from work. 

It's been nice, you know?

So nice, I can't help but start thinking about tomorrow.

It's snowing again and the snow plow hasn't yet made it up our street.