Saturday, June 1, 2013

Moving Day

I am moving many boxes today, spending some time with my family ripping out lime green carpet to open the way for hardwood floors underneath, and doing a bit more than the usually fare for the day.

That's why I'm writing this post a day ahead.

Of course it will be all the same to you. You'll still get the latest news whether it be writing news or weather. Throughout the next week you'll still recieve ideas on writing and editing, and of course, marketing. All of these will be done a head of time.

But don't you worry.

I will be busy ripping up that old lime green carpet and painting some walls.

Wish you could join me!



  1. Sorry I can't help. I'm doing homework today and will be in class for the next two weeks. I'm excited for you!!!! Have fun ripping up carpet. I actually like doing that.

  2. Where are you moving to? Sounds exciting!

  3. Michelle, Interestingly enough, after the carpets in the living room and hall were ripped up we hardwood floors!

    So I guess we're going to have to put them in ourselves. Out looking tonight.

    Jill, We're in West Valley yet again. Had a bit of fun today, and will be moving and renovating for the next two weeks before we are finally in.

  4. Wish I was close by to help. Wish you strength and energy to get everything done. : ) And the house looks great. Glad you found a good one for your likings.

  5. never a dull moment-have my rough draft of my divorce book done, now getting some readers feedback...

  6. Jeanette,

    Thanks! We'll need the strength and energy! Looks like we're putting in the hardwood ourselves, and that's after we paint!


    Glad your first draft is done; getting readers feedback is important. Good luck to you!

  7. Wishing you the best with the daunting task of moving, Kathryn. Every time we move, we swear we're never doing it again. D I hope everything goes smoothly and you'll be enjoying your beautiful new home soon.

  8. Thanks, Deanie. The moving has truly been interesting. I will be pulling staples up from the hardwood in the bedrooms tomorrow, and cleaning up the wood floors.

    There's nothing like renovation and moving at the same time.

  9. Are you coming back to Oquirrh Writers?

  10. Jill, That's right! I will be back home! I was so busy figuring out other things in my life with moving that I entirely lost sight of that one.

    You bet. When is the next meeting?


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