Friday, June 28, 2013

Feeling...Boxed In?

Today my husband put an ad on KSL. FREE boxes! I think it did the trick. In just a few minutes one person had called. I saw the young man drive up in his white truck just as someone else called. I had to tell him 'no.'

In less than half an hour the moving boxes are gone.

Photo by: Photocapy, courtesy of Flickr
Can you do the same thing with your writing when you're feeling stuck?

I've previously spoken about options when it comes to writer's block, but sometimes we feel boxed in and it takes more than a writing exercise or a changing of projects to get us going again.

Years ago I was really struggling in my life. I'd kept a journal for a few years only to stop writing for about 10. Life was hard, and I would have healed faster, I believe, if I'd written stuff down, even if it was the painful stuff. As it is, there is much forgotten during that period of my life.

When times are especially hard it's often hard to write. At least for me. Besides, I don't want to write day in and day out about the terrible stuff, especially when I prefer writing about LIGHT.

But I have to tell you that writing about the terrible stuff may just have gotten me out of my box that much sooner. I believe in therapy, especially free therapy, and I believe that God helps those who help themselves. And in this case, those who write even when it's the most painful.

If you're feeling pain today, or your pain has lasted a year or two and it just doesn't seem to want to let up, get something to write on and your favorite pen. Even if you have to write in your box, write.

And let me know if writing in your box helps.


  1. That's what my latest book soon to be printed is all about...Discover Your Voice After Divorce!


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