Saturday, June 29, 2013

Rugs and the Saturday Evening Project

If you've been following my recent blogs, you'll know that I've recently moved into a new house. Unfortunately or fortunately, (depending on how you look at it), my husband and I have been in remodel land.

Today we bought new rugs for the hardwood floor and new baseboards to finish off the floor project. It's been 101 degrees in Utah today, and my new home has a swamp cooler.

How I've been wishing for a central air conditioner today. Not even my new rugs seem as nice.

And that's how it is, isn't it? We're always wishing for something we don't have; especially if that 'something' will make our lives that much easier to live.

Someone once said, "The more stuff you have, the more you have to do, and the more you have to dust."

Not my veranda, but isn't it beautiful?
Photo by: bluekdesign, courtesy of Flickr
That said, I think I'll hold off for awhile getting new things for the house. Besides, the credit card is, well, you know taking a good pounding lately. While the sun is hot and I'm not even in the mood to sit still for very long (don't you hate it when you stand up and your back is sweaty?)

I think I'll have a Popsicle or a bottled water and read a good book on the veranda...Wait! I don't have a veranda.

At least, not yet.


  1. The house in the picture is beautiful, Kathryn. I grew up in a big Victorian house a bit like that one. It took the original owner 3 years to build it. Best wishes with your new house. I'm sure it's lovely.

  2. St. George is hotter but we have central I sit in comfort by my computer and write...

  3. What a lovely house--looks like a dream.


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