Friday, June 7, 2013

Going Steady With Your Books

Okay, so the book I'm reading right now, Memory Lake, is really bringing stuff up from my past. And let's just say that I'm thinking more about marketing and how much it really means in the success of my books.

I'd like to think that everyone will pick up Marketing Your Book on a Budget, but I know that's not being realistic. What's more realistic, is the thought that I continue to do all I can to get it out there, and those who are interested will purchase it or borrow it from a writer friend.

You're heard it before, but the words bear repeating: It's important that you know your audience. After that, it's all about marketing your book to those in your audience. It's as simple as that.

Yes, marketing takes a lot of time. But it is also worth it. I have seen results in the forms of new connections, more money, and even (dare I say it) more opportunities to review books and write guest posts, and do more interviews.

What is specifically happening may not surprise you, but it did me.

The more I've gotten out there, unafraid to share my work (no matter the positive and not so positive reviews I've received) the better I do.

I do online stuff like blog writing.
Old-fashioned marketing stuff like book signings.
Even stuff unheard of for most people, like selling books at a hair salon.

Photo by: ahhyeah, courtesy of Flickr
And it all works. Some better than others, but it all works.

If I sat in a room all day with my books boxed and never told anyone about them, now, that would be a tragedy. Selling only two books at a signing?


Because I sold 2 books!

Going steady with your book is better than going steady with that boy in high school, BECAUSE your books will never leave you! You can do whatever it takes (maybe even make a few mistakes), and the name, published author, will always be yours!


Enough said.


  1. funny new concept to me, going steady with my!

  2. You're right, Kathryn, it's important to remember that you sold two books, or whatever the number was and be grateful for that. You're much happier that way and you're looking at things positively. You never know where those book sales will lead.

  3. I thought I was the only one who ever sold books in a hair salon. My daughter owns a hair salon and I thought why not try it? It turned out to be better than when I signed books in a bookstore.


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