Monday, October 16, 2023

Halloween is in Sight, so are some FREE books!

Trick or treating is just around the corner, and I have been thinking about what treat I might be able to leave inside your Halloween bucket or pillowcase.

I have a couple of YA mysteries that will be FREE on the 30th and 31st of this month, so you'll want to fly on over to Amazon to pick up your eBook. 

Tie Died will be FREE on the 30th.

Buckled Inn will be FREE on the 31st.

You may want to bookmark this post so you can find the books easily when the day comes. They will be FREE on these two days only. 

I have four books slotted for the end of November beginning on the 24th, Black Friday. They are

Conquering Your Goliaths

The Feast

The Gift

and Enlightened

All inspiring and motivating!