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BLOG TOUR: What am I working on? Why I write what I do? What is my writing process?

Today I'm part of a BLOG TOUR. Only 3 questions, mind you, but they are important ones. Virginia Ripple tagged me. She can be found at: Virginia writes Christian fiction, inspirational books and Bible studies books.

Here goes:

What am I working on?

I am currently in the editing stage of Sunny Side-Up, a cozy mystery set on the Aloha cruise ship touring the Hawaiian islands. This book should be available for purchase in both paperback and Kindle formats by October of 2014.

I am also working on the first draft of The Gift: A Parable of the Key. This third and last book in the Parable Series should be out in the fall of 2015.

Why I write what I do?

I enjoy writing Christian fiction as well as mystery for many reasons. Christian fiction is not only the telling of a great story, but, hopefully, it is a story told so that movement within the reader is the rule rather than the exception. A great Christian fiction parable will show the reader how to make a better life.

As for mystery. It's kind of nice sometimes to read just for fun, for escape. And that's not always possible in a Christian fiction novel like it is for a good cozy mystery. I enjoyed reading Nancy Drew Mysteries when I was a teen, so I'm sure that's when my love for the genre began.

What is my writing process?

I usually write in the morning, before my brain gets fogged up with the 'stuff' of the day. I like it best when there is little noise and plenty of space to think. I try not to edit as I go, but I have to watch for that issue all of the time. I try to write and write and then go back to the edits later. I find that my best writing comes in streams, kind of like a nice creek that runs through the rocks and valleys down the mountain. If I stop to pick a flower or toss a stone, I sometimes have a hard time getting back on track.

Thanks for reading!

If you're interested in reading the answers to the same questions from another author, I'm still working on getting one to tag! If you'd like to answer the three questions send me an email at: kathy@ariverofstones, and I'll tag you!

Happy Writing!


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

CHARACTER INTERVIEW: Beatrice Floss from The Retired Tooth Fairy

Tell me a little about yourself (where you live, who you are, what you look like, what you hope to achieve, etc.)

My name is Beatrice Floss, and I am a retired tooth fairy. When I was younger, I had long, wavy purple hair. But now that I am older, my hair is mostly white with streaks of purple running through it. It is actually quite pretty! I also wear my favorite pair of glasses. They are a modernized twist of the cat’s-eye glasses from the 1950s. They are lovely! I never leave the retirement center without my favorite blue shawl. I have three silver tooth-shaped buttons down the front that symbolize the first teeth I ever collected as a newly graduated tooth fairy. Oh, those were the days! 

What was the other part of the question? Oh, more about me…okay…

I used to be the Head Fairy. I was the one who helped direct the business side of our jobs. Not only was I in charge of keeping track of tooth collecting, but I also made sure all of the other duties were well-managed and taken care of. It was a very busy job, and I am happy that my daughter, Gabriella Floss, has filled my shoes! Our world is in very good hands.

I live in a vast universe beyond the rainbow that lies to the right of your sun. There are many lands featuring amazing magical beings, some of which your human world has never even heard of. I come from a tiny village of fairies. Our town is similar to yours because we share the same basic necessities of life, like food and shelter. We have fairies who cook, some that build, and lots that take care of others. It is a glorious community!

Oh geez, what was the question again? Hmmmm. Oh I remember what I was saying. Oh dear, how forgetful of me!

Right now, I live in Pearly White Retirement Home! All of my friends from high school live with me. We have a riot of a time! Sure, our bodies don’t work the same as they used to, but that is why we will sneak some magic dust in and disappear for the day. Oh, if only Youthful Dust was permanent—sigh.

My goals for the future are to relax, have fun, and help out my daughter every once in a while. Since she is new at her job, sometimes she doesn't plan things correctly. Which is funny because she is a bit of a perfectionist! So, when she gets overwhelmed, I come and help her collect the adult teeth. I am a Mom, so naturally I do things for her that I really shouldn't be doing!

Did I answer the all the questions in this question? I did. Oh thanks. May I ask for a glass of water please? Dry mouth really gets to me some times.

(Kathryn hands her a cold thimble of water)

Oh thank you very much dear! You are so sweet and lovely!

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Well, other than volunteering my services to collect those crazy adult teeth, I would say that I love…and I do mean love…Bingo! We have regular Bingo nights—which was inspired by a visit to a human senior community to pick up a broken pair of dentures—and our prizes include tubes of waxed floss, fresh cloth dental bibs, and dental mirrors. But my favorite is the tubes of floss. I love to make blankets and scarves and hats, and lots of things! I give them to everyone who will take them…and I do mean I will literally chase my fairy friends down the street to make sure they have one!

What is your favorite color and why?

White! Well—more of a shimmery, sparkly white—just like the teeth I collect. Well, sometimes like the teeth I collect. Some of them are nasty little critters full of gunk of many shades of green, yellow, brown, and black. Ick! I don’t understand why children sometimes take better care of their teeth than their parents! You wouldn't believe the condition of some teeth I collect! I once collected a tooth of a very famous actress. Of course I cannot say her name for confidentiality reasons, but let’s just say her hair was either blonde or brown and she may or may not have had six toes. What was I saying?

Oh yes! Her teeth looked as white as fresh snow on a splendid winter day. But appearances are just that! Her teeth were rotten to the core! But at least she hid it well. You would have never known by looking at her that her teeth were black and brown with many holes or as you call them—cavities!

What is your favorite food? Why is it your favorite?

I really shouldn't share this, but I love chocolate! I can eat it all day long if I could. Wait, is this being recorded? Umm….I mean….I love all fruits and veggies. Yes, carrots, broccoli, strawberries, and apples. They help make my teeth and body strong. Was that a good save, Kathryn?

(Great save... :)

What would you say is your biggest quirk?

I have conversations with myself. And I am not talking about the usual, “Where did I put my keys?” Nope, it’s the “How is everything going today, me? Oh, it is going great. I played Bingo twice. Did I win? Yes I did! I won three things of cotton balls. How wonderful, me! You are so lucky.” Then everyone stares at me like I have lost my marbles. Then again, maybe I have?! Oh dear!

What is it about your antagonist that irks you the most, and why?

You know how when you get older and your body starts cracking and popping, but inside your head you’re like, “Oh I feel like a teenager!” Then suddenly, you realize tomorrow is your 500,000 birthday party. Well, that is my antagonist. My bones ache, my joints make these horrible creaking sounds, and I can’t remember the little things.  I swear though, I still feel like a kid. I try to do the things I used to do, like collecting teeth, and just run into many age-related issues. For instance, I lost my glasses during a pick-up. When I returned home, I found out this lovely tooth I had collected was really a rock! Golly!

What or who means the most to you in your life? What, if anything, would you do to keep him/her/it in your life?

Well, I am a Mom and Grandma! So, of course, they mean the world to me. I have four children and sixteen grandchildren. I would do anything and everything to keep them in my life. They light up my life in ways only children can. And I love to squish their adorable cheeks!

What one thing would you like readers to know about you that may not be spelled out in the book in which you inhabit?

Oh Geez, there is a lot about me that this book doesn't cover. For instance, I am a very skilled and talented tooth fairy. I have done things other fairies would have never dared to do. I guess you can say that I was a rebel in my younger days. But I like to call myself a “Visionary”! Unfortunately, my risk taking is very problematic now that I am older. I couldn't tell you how many times my “Big Ideas” have turned into something crazy…often times disastrous. It is a good thing we have the Sprites. They are always fixing my magical mistakes as of late. I am sure Denticia can tell you plenty of things about me.

If you could tell your writer (creator) anything about yourself that might turn the direction of the plot, what would it be?

As much as I love my writer (she is a retired tooth fairy too, but in a different way), she has no idea how magical teeth really are. Fairy Dust is created by shaving some of the enamel and dentin off of a tooth. We mix them together with a few drops of water from a special flower’s petal. Then--- Presto! We have the base for our magic. Add in a few more ingredients, and we can make dust that does various things. I could have made some temporary Youthful Dust to get me home. Well, that is if I was able to get to my magic pack.

Ask me any question. I've always wanted to know what a character thinks about writers like myself.

Kathryn, I remember you from when you were a sweet little child. It is great to see the person you have become today. I guess my only question would be is if you had your own satchel of fairy dust, what would it be called and what would the magic do? For example—a satchel of Permeable Dust helps us fairies pass through solid objects.

Wow. What a question. My satchel of fairy dust would be Glowing Embers. The embers would make me brave enough to conquer whatever dwarfs or dragons faced me. 

Thank you for the lovely chat! We should do this again sometime.

You're welcome, Beatrice! Happy tooth collecting!

Learn more about Beatrice at Amazon

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When Your Writing Life is Stalled

You know the feeling. You get up, sit down at the computer, and heck, haven't anything to say.

You feel as if your feet are in cement; you wish you could pull out something, anything from your brain that makes even a little sense. But here you are, drowning in your misery.

What I know about being stalled is that I'm only stalled for a short time (not months or years, although it often feels like that in the beginning). I am only temporarily stalled. I know that in a day, maybe less, I'll be back to my old self again.

That old self that has writing coming from her fingertips faster than she can get the words down.


Monday, July 28, 2014


Tell me a about yourself.

My name is M/R {Memoirs Rhonda} Johnson. I was born and raised in the Nation’s Capital Washington, DC.  I am a motivational speaker and Author of the forthcoming book/workbook Memoirs Of An Addict: Fact or Fiction the book of HOPE and Survival living life with co-occurring disorders.

As a person who has co-occurring disorders this book has given me purpose to educate. Recovery is a PROCESS and it is POSSIBLE.  I am also the creator of several social networking groups on LinkedIn, {A.T.T.} Addiction the Truth,  and Certified Peer Specialists {United} on Facebook. Most importantly I love to write

What got you started in writing?

I was sitting here reminiscing of when I began writing. I remembered when I was in 5th grade one of my teachers encouraged me to write to prevent me from getting in trouble.  I would always have to write I will stop talking 100 times over and over. This teacher might have known I was experiencing issues because I was angry a lot. She saw I had a creative spirit and encouraged me to express my feelings in words. This is when I believed my love for writing began.
How and where do you write?

Most of the time I write at home. Home is my place of peace. 

Do you prefer a lap top or do you prefer writing freehand?

I prefer to write in freehand. I have excellent penmanship.  It is only because of the convenience I use the computer more. You can bet and believe I have paper, pens and pencils everywhere.

What's your favorite part about writing?

The best part about writing is I get to share and express my innermost thoughts. My writing can be used to relieve stress or to share words of encouragement that can make someone’s day.

Your least favorite part about writing?

My least part of writing is my creative spirit that may not be grammatically correct.

How do you come up with your characters?

My characters Mary/Pumpkin evolved when I was in treatment for my co-occurring disorders. Mary/Pumpkin became a coping mechanism to deal with the death of my parents. Understanding the different personalities of each character gave me a better understanding of who M/R Johnson is and what I as a person  must do to stay focused on my own recovery journey.

Why would readers want to get to know them?

The characters Mary/Pumpkin is one person with two different personalities. They have a dual diagnosis {Co-Occurring disorder} of depression and addiction and are suicidal. Yet, that is not their story. Mary/Pumpkin is a survivor who lives every day with HOPE.

Why would readers want to know them is plain; the reader will gain knowledge  on co-occurring disorders, how each character evolved, and what professional treatment was obtained for their disorders.  

Each character’s purpose and story will give the reader insight that no matter what a person goes through there is HOPE! Whether it is death, grief, addiction, or a mental health disorder, the reader will be encouraged to Never Give UP!

What types of marketing do you do to promote your writing?

I have been building my platform for the last two years to introduce my book. As far as marketing I am a big fan of business cards.  I use social media and whenever the chance arises, to speak in public. I always take the opportunity to mention that I have a  forthcoming book concerning co-occurring disorders.

How do you schedule your writing time?

Wow, It seems I am always writing. I try to commit at least 5 hours a day to work on my book, or my webpage, emails and social media.

When do you write?

I write at night.  It seems that is my most creative time. The world is asleep. There are no noises or distractions; most importantly, no one is calling my name. Lo!

What are you currently working on?

I am currently on the revision stages of my book/workbook. I am in the process of presenting it to my editor so this baby {my book} will be born in the winter of 2014 or my 50th birthday gift, February 1, 2015.

What would you tell a beginning writer who wants to publish but doesn't believe he/she has enough talent?

I would express to a beginning writer never give up on your dreams but understand there is a process to writing. For new writer it is important  to do the research,  learn from your experiences of  trial and error,  attend writing conferences and workshops and always ask questions. Have a great editor and I would also encourage the writer to learn the craft of your genre.


Thanks Rhonda!

Learn more about Rhonda:

Website information:

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Marketing Tips for the Shy Writer

I used to be a shy writer. That is, until I met my husband.

He has some sort of magical quality about getting me to do things I wouldn't do otherwise.

Here's a short list (I couldn't begin to share everything):

1. Write a book
2. Publish it
3. Speak in public
4. Do multiple book signings; ask to do book signings at unusual places
5. Start a blog/website
6. Do a radio interview, and another radio interview
7. Continue to write and publish even after receiving some bad reviews
8. Start a brand new publishing company
9. Help other writers to not only write better but publish!
10. Keep going!

I don't think you can afford to be a shy writer today. I don't think you'll sell many books (unless you have someone else you're paying marketing you all over the place).

Still, without your voice, without you reaching out personally, you will never break out of your shell.

Believe it or not, one cannot be shy after one has done some or all of the ideas above.

I'm living proof.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

CHARACTER INTERVIEW: Beatrice Coleman from Shear Trouble

Tell me a little about yourself (where you live, who you are, what you look like, what you hope to achieve, etc.)  

I’m Beatrice Coleman, a retired art museum curator.  I used to live in Atlanta, Georgia, but recently moved to the tiny town of Dappled Hills, North Carolina, to be near my daughter.  I’m trying to adjust to retirement but I’m having a tough time figuring out how to relax.

What do you like to do in your spare time?  

I’m learning how to quilt.  Although I was an expert on folk art at the museum, I never considered myself a creative person, myself.  With help from others in my quilting guild, I’m becoming a half-decent quilter.  Now if I can just find a good book to read.

What is your favorite color and why? 

I love vibrant yellows.  It’s a cheerful color that not only brightens up a room, but can brighten up a mood.

What is your favorite food? Why is it your favorite?  

My favorite food is any food that I don’t have to cook myself! I fell out of the habit of cooking when I was working (and living alone), and it’s a tough thing to pick up again.

What would you say is your biggest quirk?  

Is it quirky that murders seem to always happen in my vicinity?  That’s what’s my biggest quirk, then…spawning murders.

What is it about your antagonist that irks you the most, and why? 

My antagonists change from book to book, but one thing they always have in common that drives me up a wall—the fact they’re determined to escape detection and throw up obstacles for me as I’m investigating.

What or who means the most to you in your life? What, if anything, would you do to keep him/her/it in your life?  

My grown daughter, Piper, means the world to me, rivaled only by my affection for my new friend, Wyatt.  I’d do anything to protect the two of them.

What one thing would you like readers to know about you that may not be spelled out in the book in which you inhabit?  

Although I’m new to Dappled Hills, I care a lot about the people here.  The more time I spend in this town, the more it feels as if it’s always been home.  Even though I sometimes find the move from a big city to a small town challenging, I love the slower pace and the kindness and openness of the residents here.

If you could tell your writer (creator) anything about yourself that might turn the direction of the plot, what would it be?  

I’d like to spend more time with my friend Wyatt, please, and develop our burgeoning relationship.  Could you stop throwing work his way?

Ask me any question. I've always wanted to know what a character thinks about writers like myself. I'll answer the question at the end of this interview.   

Here’s a question for you, Kathryn.  Who do you enjoy reading now, and have your preferences changed over the years?

Who do I enjoy reading now? Hmmm. A great question but one that isn't easily answered. I just finished Let it Go by Chris Williams. This is a memoir about a father who loses his wife and two children to a car accident precipitated by a teenage drunk driver. Before that I read: Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo. This is the story of a young boy who went to heaven and returned to tell his family about it. 

I guess you could say I like reading non-fiction with a twist of inspiration more than a particular author, though I need to tell you that C.S. Lewis and Og Mandino have always been on my list of favorite authors. When I was a teen I enjoyed Nancy Drew Mysteries; that's probably why I enjoy writing mysteries today.

Thanks for asking!

To learn more about Beatrice and her writer visit: 
Elizabeth Craig’s Amazon author page.
Twitter: @elizabethscraig

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CONQUERING YOUR GOLIATHS Soon to be Released on Audio!

Have you read the book?

Ready to listen to the audio version of Conquering Your Goliaths?

Book Trailer

Listen to a short clip here

Notice the new covers?
Photo by Tom Tolman
Photo by Tom Tolman

The audio of Conquering Your Goliaths: A Parable of the Five Stone is coming SOON!


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Another great interview! Enjoy!

Tell me about yourself. What got you started in writing?  

I love to read.  Some of my biggest heroes are writers, so I've always wanted to someday emulate them.  I’d written poems and short stories most of my life, and as a teenager I wrote a romance novel, but it wasn't until my youngest son was in high school that I began to think seriously about writing books and getting published.

How and where do you write? Do you prefer a lap top or do you prefer writing freehand?

I prefer to write on my laptop at my desk, because then I can play with the words and add things as they come to me.  But sometimes when I wake up in the morning, I have ideas for the story, and then I jot them down on paper so I don’t forget.   

What's your favorite part about writing? Your least favorite part about writing?

My favorite part is writing the first draft, because everything is new and exciting.  It’s like reading a book for the first time, but it’s coming from my head to the computer screen.  It’s a blast.  My least favorite part is rewriting and editing, but I know it has to be done. 

How do you come up with your characters? Why would readers want to get to know them?

Many times my ideas for books start out with a dream about the main characters in full color, detail, and action.  When I start to write the story, it’s as if I already know them.  I then make a file about the characters and start adding details about them to fully flesh them out.  But sometimes I’ll be writing, and a character suddenly pops into the scene fully formed and starts saying and doing things.  It’s really amazing.  I hope readers would like to get to know the characters because they are interesting, and they feel a connection to them.
Get The Sixth Power
What types of marketing do you do to promote your writing?

I write several times a week on my blog (  As well, I have a Facebook page, and I’m on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Goodreads.  I have done a couple of blog tours.  I also have attended several writers’ conferences.

How do you schedule your writing time? When do you write?

’m usually busy with family, household chores, and walking the dog in the morning and evening, so most of the time I end up writing in the afternoon.  However, if there’s not too much going on, I’ll try to write in the morning as well.

What are you currently working on? Do you have a new book out?

I have a new book called City of the Giants that is being edited right now and will be ready to publish soon.  It is a YA Urban Fantasy that takes place in an alternate reality Chicago.  A piece of a Giant city has fallen on top of part of Chicago, causing destruction and death.  In order to contain the radioactivity and the Giant rats, the government builds a huge wall around the entire area, dooming the people inside to eventual death.  But then a magician and a teenage girl join forces to find a way to get rid of the City of the Giants and bring freedom to their people.  I’m very excited about it. 

Do you have a project on the back burner? Tell me about it.

I am currently writing a YA Sci-Fi novel about a girl who finds out she is half alien.  When a message from deep space comes to Earth proclaiming that all aliens must vacate Earth, Mia is already having a hard time.  After all, her mother has just been murdered, and her grandparents want nothing to do with her.  Mia is forced to leave behind her friends, her crazy but beloved aunt, and her mercurial boyfriend.  Her long-lost father turns out to be a drunk who owns a ramshackle ship built out of space junk.  The pilot is young and handsome, but she is allergic to him. Things only get worse when she finds out that Earth is about to be destroyed by an armada of locust-like creatures, and the League of Humanoid Planets don’t think it is worth saving. 

What would you tell a beginning writer who wants to publish but doesn't believe he/she has enough talent?

Keep on writing and creating!  It is only by writing that you become better.  Make sure you learn the rules of grammar, and read well-written books often to help and inspire you.  Prepare to spend many hours working on your craft.  Read books about how to write, take courses on writing, and go to writing conferences.  Above all, don’t give up.  The stories that you carry within you are unique, and you are the only one who can bring them forth.   

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Barefoot Book Marketing on a Shoestring Budget


If you're needing assistance in the marketing arena, whether that assistance be book tours, book reviews, book trailers, blogs, radio interviews and more, contact Jill at:

I will be teaching a class on book trailers and how to set up an author blog.

Time: 9:30 - 3:30
Place: Literacy Action Center
3595 S. Main Street, Salt Lake City



Contact Jill at:

or Kathy at:

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CHARACTER INTERVIEW: Dani Kern from Desperate Deeds

  1. Tell me a little about yourself (where you live, who you are, what you look like, what you hope to achieve, etc.)
My name is Danielle Kern but everybody calls me Dani. I’m eight years old and I live in Cincinnati, Ohio in the first floor apartment of an old Victorian with my parents and my little brother, Davey. I have long brown hair and brown eyes, like my Mom. I used to want to be an English teacher but I've changed my mind. I've decided I want to be a mystery writer when I grow up.

  1. What do you like to do in your spare time?
I love to read! My Dad always says, “Give Dani a book and put her in a room by herself and she’ll be happy.” Of course, he’s kidding, well, maybe not. A while ago, Angie, who is the girlfriend of our landlady’s son, Lawrence, gave me a huge stack of her old Nancy Drew and Judy Bolton mysteries and I've been reading them ever since. My Mom loves a good mystery too and she’s borrowed a few of them. She’s the only person in the world I’ll lend my books to because I know she’ll take good care of them and return them when she’s finished.

  1. What is your favorite color and why?
Pink! I don’t know why it’s my favorite; it just is. I call my bedroom my “cotton candy” room because my Mom, who is an interior decorator, painted the walls pink and made the curtains and bedspread herself – in pink. I love my room!

  1. What is your favorite food? Why is it your favorite?
My Mom’s a good cook and I’m not a picky eater like my brother; I’ll eat just about anything, well, except coconut and sweet potatoes. Yuk! I love chocolate Hershey bars and chocolate ice cream. Really, anything chocolate. Why? Because it tastes so good! Last Easter, I got a big, chocolate Easter bunny in my basket but Davey got a hold of it and ate the whole thing! I was so mad! Davey got punished and Mom bought me a new one but, believe me, it’s not easy living with a little brother.

  1. What would you say is your biggest quirk?
Sorry but I had to go away for a minute to look up “quirk.” That’s what I do when I’m not sure what a word means. My aunt Marnie bought me a really good dictionary because, when you want to be a writer, you have to know what words mean. It said that a quirk is a peculiar habit, mannerism, or aspect of somebody's character. So, I guess my biggest quirk is rolling my eyes, usually at something my little brother said or did.

  1. What is it about your antagonist that irks you the most, and why?
I had to look up “antagonist” too and I’m glad you asked me this question because, as a future mystery writer, I definitely need to know what that word means. The thing is I don’t really have an antagonist, unless you want to count Davey who is constantly driving me crazy.

  1. What or who means the most to you in your life? What, if anything, would you do to keep him/her/it in your life?
My Mom and Dad are the most important people in my life and I would do anything to keep them in my life. My brother too. Even though Davey can be a total pain, when he went missing, I prayed and prayed that God would bring him home safely. I also love our landlady, Mrs. Koch; she’s like a grandmother to Davey and me. And, Lawrence, Angie and Mr. Koch too. Mom calls them “our extended family.”

  1. What one thing would you like readers to know about you that may not be spelled out in the book in which you inhabit?
Well, I’ll tell you but this is kind of a secret. Sometimes, I pretend to be reading when, really, I’m listening to grownups talking. For example, a few months ago, my parents were having lots of problems. My Dad was drinking a lot and staying out really late at night. Mom and Dad tried to keep their arguments behind closed doors, if you know what I mean, but I knew what was going on. I’m so glad my Dad finally started going to AA and my Mom goes to Ala-non because they’re getting along really good now. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you this. When there was a serial killer on the loose in our neighborhood last year, I kept my eyes and ears open then too even though Mom tried to keep it from Davey and me because she didn't want us to be scared.
Product Details

  1. If you could tell your writer (creator) anything about yourself that might turn the direction of the plot, what would it be?
I would love to solve a real-life mystery. I know I’m just a kid but, after reading all of the mystery novels I've read, I’d like the chance to put all the clues together and figure out whodunit.

  1. Ask me any question. I've always wanted to know what a character thinks about writers like myself. I'll answer the question at the end of this interview.
I’m dying to know what it feels like to be a real mystery author. What’s it like? Is it exciting? Do you make a lot of money? Can you give me any writing tips I can use when I grow up? I’d really like to know!

So you know, I also used to read Nancy Drew mysteries. I think that it's what first sparked my interest in writing mysteries. Writing a mystery is kind of like solving a really terrifically difficult puzzle; the kind where you put all of the colors together, and then do the edges (I've always called puzzle edges the crust) and then assemble the puzzle from easiest pieces to hardest. 

Yes, writing a mystery can be exciting, but it can also be difficult. You have to keep all of the characters straight and all of the clues even straighter. You want to make sure that when you get to the end of the book everything is sort of wrapped up tightly in a box or you'll have the reader wishing they'd read something else. 

When it comes to making a lot of money, nope. I make a little money (at least right now) but my greatest joy is meeting other writers and readers. It's fun to talk to them about writing.

As for writing tips... Write every day. Don't stop writing even when someone says they don't like your work... Write what you love, not what is popular at the moment... Be willing to take constructive criticism (that means stuff that actually helps you to become a better writer, not stuff like I hate your writing). Above all, have fun! If writing isn't fun you're not writing the right thing!


Learn more about Patricia Gligor at: