Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Blisters...and other Summer Challenges

Do you find yourself waning in the summer, almost like those flowers you planted in your front yard?

It's so hot.

You swore you wouldn't complain about the heat, remember? You promised that you would appreciate the summer when it came, so sick and tired you were of the winter chills.

And now what are you doing?

Lounging. Reading. Hiking. Getting blisters on your heels,
sweat running down your back.

Do you exercise in the morning? I do. And I have to turn the swamp cooler on just as I'm getting up at 6:30 or 7:00, or whenever in the morning to exercise.

Did you catch the "whenever"?

My schedule is going to pot. All I want to do is lounge and read.

Perhaps that isn't so bad. I mean, doesn't a writer need to read multiple writers to improve his/her game?

Still, I'd like to think I've accomplished something this summer. It's the middle of July, I've got August, and then fall starts to come, easily, like the frost that is suddenly on my car windows.

Summer may present some challenges but I think I'm up for it. Thinking now I remember through the delirium.

Yes, I'm publishing my seventh book come October, and I've got two audio books in the works... Not too bad for a blistery summer.

You think?

These two books will be coming
out in 
audio before October.

This book will be released 
in October! 

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