Tuesday, July 26, 2022

5+ Reasons You Didn't Get Your Free Books!


1. You thought time would wait. You thought about getting your FREE books but you waited too long and by the time you remembered, the FREEBIE WAS OVER! Consider bookmarking this page for future reference.

2.  You wondered if you'd like them. You thought you might, but you wanted to think it over. You wanted to think FREE over? Just get the books ma'am and then decide if you're gonna like them by dipping your toes in!

3. You thought, "How good could they be if they're FREE?" Let me tell you something. Most authors struggle to get their sales as high as they'd like, and giving away FREE books is one of the ways they know to attract new readers. So be attracted!

4. You didn't want to jump through all of the hoops to get the books. Hoops, you say? Just click on the link provided. You will then be directed to the link where you can click one last time to get your book.

5. You frankly don't like eBooks. Okay, I get it, but when was the last time you read one? Aha! You haven't read one, or you read a pretty heady one, or a boring one... How about a short one with beautiful illustrations?

+1. There weren't any reviews or there were few reviews. You just couldn't take a chance on books with little to no reviews? Why do you think authors give their books away for FREE? I would love to get some new readers for both of these books. I would be thrilled to get a review. Thank you in advance if you are a reader who decides to read and review my books. 

August 4-6 get two of my children's books (notice the large print and highlighted word and numbers :)

Mooseberry Mooseberry Gooseberry Pie and/or

The Human Bean

All you have to do is click here or here on August 4, 5, or 6th to get these FREE books. I will remind you again as the days get closer but you just may want to bookmark this page NOW. Just saying. 


Monday, July 18, 2022

5 Unique Tips to Get You Writing

Can't get that first sentence on the page? Try these tips to get you writing.

Magazine shop. Great ideas can come from opening a magazine and pointing to the first sentence or picture your finger lands on. "Shampoo and condition, then apply oil..."

Book shop. Use the first sentence you point to as the first sentence of your story. "They should ask Baal to send a fire to consume their offering..."

Dream a little. Wake up in the night? Write down your dream. Use the dream as the first line. "I was trapped in an elevator."

Listen to conversations. "You wouldn't believe what my son did last night."

Write about what you did the day before.  Choose something from your list that strikes you as funny - or a bit - odd. "I ate ice cream. Chocolate. My favorite. I wasn't hungry."

What I have learned is that there is always something to write about, I just have to wake up my brain from sleep mode.

Here's something to write about :)

Photo by Simon Berger on Unsplash

Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Day Three! Last day to get your Two FREE books!

Beginning July 7, 2022, and going until July 9, 2022, get Heaven 24/7 - Living in the Light and the Parables of Virginia Bean for FREE!

Both books are inspiring reads.

The first is nonfiction. The second is three books in one and is Fiction.

Get the Book on Amazon

Heaven 24/7

What's it all about?
If you've ever wondered,
"Is it possible to live more spiritually minded. . .
even in the midst of day-to-day earth life?"
If you've ever worried about what others really think of you. . .
or about being perfect NOW.
If you've wanted to forgive someone. . .
but couldn't.
If you've tried hard to see how to get past the scars in your life. . .
but haven't.
If you feel as if you live in fear. . .
and wonder where God is.
If you have a hard time letting go of sin. . .
sharing who you are. . .
knowing what you really want out of life. . .
and having the courage to do it.
It may just be your time to view heaven 24/7.
Are you ready?

* * *

Get the Book on Amazon

For the first time, get all three books:

Conquering Your Goliaths: A Parable of the Five Stones

The Feast: A Parable of the Ring


The Gift: A parable of the Key

All in one place!

Virginia gathered five smooth stones to defeat her first goliath – the loss of a job. With God’s help, she uses the stones again, the powers of listening, trust, optimism, tenacity, and constancy becoming a daily part of her life as she visits the goliaths in her marriage.

But when the third goliath comes, the loss of a child, will Virginia be ready? Will she be prepared to use the powers within the five stones to overcome the most difficult journey yet?

Will her torn and wounded heart finally heal?

The Virginia Bean parable series is for anyone desiring to travel beyond mediocrity, pain, and fear. It is for anyone with a goliath they haven’t, as yet, been able to conquer.

As goliaths go, this book may even be – for you.