Friday, September 24, 2021

3 Habits Every Successful Writer Has

You believe you're written a great book. You've also done your share of marketing. Still, dreams of fat paychecks have remained dreams, and you find yourself wondering if it is all worth it.

Is it?

Every successful writer will tell you a different story. Many will say it's about the money. You will know you're a success when you become a bestseller. Others will say it's when you write what you love and share it. Still, others will write only popular genres, those that bring in the most readers.

To be a success is individual, but the habits to get there tend to be similar.

Photo by Chris Spiegl on Unsplash

First, the writer is dedicated to the craft. Writing comes first, or close to it over almost every other life pursuit. It is more important for the writer to write than eat. Often, even when the writer is eating they are writing. The writer doesn't call his/her writing a hobby. Writing isn't something they 'do' when nothing else seems to be vying for their attention. Writing is something they are. If not for writing, they would die.

Second, the writer receives criticism with grace. They may not 'like' the criticism, the feedback, the review, but they take a look at it. The writer may get angry at the criticism, the feedback, or the review, but they DO NOT let these feelings grow inside them. They don't stop writing because someone doesn't like their work. They don't stop writing because another someone says they will never be good enough. They don't stop writing because... [you fill in the blank]. They use the criticism, the feedback, or the review to improve their writing [if need be - not all feedback is valuable] and then move on. 

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Last, the writer keeps learning. There is NEVER a point where a successful writer says, "Well, I know everything I need to know now." Writing, like all things in life, is a process. A writer, through time and application, can get better. They may even find that writing a particular genre comes easier to them than another, or that they write better in a particular genre over another. Marketing approaches change at least yearly. What works one year may not work the next. And marketing gurus are always finding new ways to connect with readers, so it's a good idea to watch what's happening out there. Readers want to be informed, but they also want to be surprised. What do you have to say that is unique to what you see others sharing out there?

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Habits take time to develop. They take time to stick. But a successful writer doesn't give up.

Friday, September 17, 2021

Book Your Weekend!

Yes, it's almost here!

I will be at the American Fork Library in less than a week! 

The writing conference is FREE! Can't beat that! I will also be giving away a FREE book to one lucky winner! If you're chosen as the winner, you will have 8 book choices available at the conference!

I Walked With Jesus: New Testament Stories of Faith and Healing From the Least of These

Enlightened: My Personal Journey with Christ Through Scripture Journaling

Conquering Your Goliaths: A Parable of the Five Stones

The Gift: A Parable of the Key

The Feast: A Parable of the Ring

The Parables of Virginia Bean

Heaven 24/7: Living in the Light

A River of Stones

AND... drum roll, please... CHAPTER 1 OF BOOK TWO IN THE I WALKED WITH JESUS SERIES! Get a head-start read on the new book to be released in 2022! Free for the reading!

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Best Posts of Summer

As I have been reflecting on this summer and all I have experienced, I am grateful for the opportunity I have had to keep writing. Though the pandemic has shut some things down for writers, namely book signings and speaking events, I have yet been given the privilege of searching my soul for the truth of why I write. And it seems that readers fall right in line with me.

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

None of us write to hide. We write to be seen. We write to be heard. I would imagine that's why the most popular post this summer has been "Do you write to be average?" There's not a person I know of who doesn't want to leave a legacy of some kind to the world. Whether that legacy is a recipe, a story of their life, or a photo album of their adventures. 

Second, we want to win! In "Why Would You Want to Enter this Contest Today?" I shared my newest release, "I Walked With Jesus". Evidently, there are a few of us out there [tongue in cheek] that hope to win. I am waiting for the results and will let you know when I have them. 

Photo by Wesley Eland on Unsplash

Third, we want to know what others are thinking. In my post "Reviews of I Walked With Jesus" I shared multiple reviews from readers and what they thought about my newest book. Reviews help a reader decide on the purchase of a book. Will it be something they will like? 

Will it fill a need for them? Will it change their life? Many readers reading inspirational books hope they will take away something that they will be able to carry with them through life.

Fourth, we don't want to miss out! When the contest held at Novels Alive was almost over, I put out a post, "Just hours away from ending!" Perhaps you were one of those who kept telling yourself you were going to enter the contest and the days' sort of slipped away from you until the very end. Sometimes, life is like that.

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

Fifth, we forever want FREE stuff! "Free book until August 30" focused on my previously published book, "Enlightened: My Personal Journey with Christ Through Scripture Journaling". I remember, years ago, when I won a Seals & Crofts album from a radio station. That record was like gold to me for many years! And all I had to do was to be the 10th caller!

Thank you to all of my readers!

Saturday, September 11, 2021

Remembering 9/11

Twenty years ago I was glued to my television screen. More than likely you were too. I went back to my journal of that day to see what I had recorded. 

Photo by Fred Moon on Unsplash

On 9/11 I'd written a poem.

The first title I gave the poem was Winter Ash. Later, I crossed out the 'sh' and put a letter 'k' where the 'sh' was, making the title, Winter Ask.

In the midst of darkness 

they walked

seeing no one

the dust from the explosion

thick and unyielding

their eyes blinded 

a death-walk of some kind

whited cheeks

dusty clothing and hair

they grieved

Hours later the dust still gathered

around their fingernails

winter ash

felt its way through buildings

plundered, people killed

a mark of death

and yet

fingers clutched and held

spoke words of help

of love

In the heavens there was one

who watched

who grieved

who reached through the clouds

to all who could hear

and see

This poem is probably not the best poem about 9/11 but it is mine, and I share it today with a prayer in my heart for all who suffered on that never-to-be-forgotten day. 

Friday, September 10, 2021


I know I've said a lot about my newest release, "I Walked With Jesus: New Testament Stories of Faith and Healing From the Least of These," but it bears repeating, especially when the winner receives a hard copy of my book and a $25 from Amazon to get even more books, or whatever else you want! JUST 3 MORE DAYS TO ENTER! Go to Novels Alive to enter. 

I am also still offering FREE codes to anyone interested in listening and reviewing the audiobook. Let me know below or at if you'd like to jump in and do that. I would LOVE to accommodate. If you'd like to listen and not review get your audiobook here!

I am gearing up for the American Fork Conference which will be held on the 25th of September at 10:30 a.m. The conference will be held at the American Fork Library. Learn more here. Come and visit with your favorite authors, and learn some things about creating a great book, interviewing, and MORE!


Thursday, September 2, 2021

Do you write to be average?

Writing, for all of us, means something. We don't usually write and share what we write because we believe we're not any good. Neither do we write because we feel we are just about average.

We write because we have something to share. We write because we love writing. We write because we have something to sell we hope readers will want. We hope we have that little something different that makes our work stand out from the crowd. 

I don't write to be average, and I suppose you don't.

One of the best ways I know of to stand out from the crowd is to write. And to write a lot. Another is to read. And to read a lot. Another is to meet and talk with other writers who have hopes like you do. Hiding gets you about as far as the front room door. If you want others to get to know you, you have to been seen and heard.

Photo by The Climate Reality Project on Unsp

I love writing conferences. I love the people I meet and the things I learn that I can apply to my own writing. Stuff like editing until it hurts. Keeping an open mind when rejection seems to be the only constant thing coming your way. Being willing to listen to others and their opinion of your books. Keeping a stiff upper lip when your book sales don't go as you planned. Being willing to step out of your comfort zone again, and again, and again.

For those of you wanting to step out of the average zone, I have a request. No, an assignment. Coming up this month is a writer's conference in American Fork, Utah. If you don't live in Utah, you're not off the hook. Find a writer's conference that you can attend this month or next, and be a part of it by showing up.

Showing up means more than attending, right? 

Step up. See what happens.

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Hear that?

My audiobook is out and I would love for you to check it out! I love working with ACX and for the production of all of my audiobooks

If you are too busy to read but feel as if you are missing out on life because you haven't read a book lately, you might want to try audio. If you know what audiobooks are all about and you haven't listened for a while, you might want to check out what has to offer.

Have a great day!