Saturday, September 11, 2021

Remembering 9/11

Twenty years ago I was glued to my television screen. More than likely you were too. I went back to my journal of that day to see what I had recorded. 

Photo by Fred Moon on Unsplash

On 9/11 I'd written a poem.

The first title I gave the poem was Winter Ash. Later, I crossed out the 'sh' and put a letter 'k' where the 'sh' was, making the title, Winter Ask.

In the midst of darkness 

they walked

seeing no one

the dust from the explosion

thick and unyielding

their eyes blinded 

a death-walk of some kind

whited cheeks

dusty clothing and hair

they grieved

Hours later the dust still gathered

around their fingernails

winter ash

felt its way through buildings

plundered, people killed

a mark of death

and yet

fingers clutched and held

spoke words of help

of love

In the heavens there was one

who watched

who grieved

who reached through the clouds

to all who could hear

and see

This poem is probably not the best poem about 9/11 but it is mine, and I share it today with a prayer in my heart for all who suffered on that never-to-be-forgotten day. 

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