Monday, July 18, 2022

5 Unique Tips to Get You Writing

Can't get that first sentence on the page? Try these tips to get you writing.

Magazine shop. Great ideas can come from opening a magazine and pointing to the first sentence or picture your finger lands on. "Shampoo and condition, then apply oil..."

Book shop. Use the first sentence you point to as the first sentence of your story. "They should ask Baal to send a fire to consume their offering..."

Dream a little. Wake up in the night? Write down your dream. Use the dream as the first line. "I was trapped in an elevator."

Listen to conversations. "You wouldn't believe what my son did last night."

Write about what you did the day before.  Choose something from your list that strikes you as funny - or a bit - odd. "I ate ice cream. Chocolate. My favorite. I wasn't hungry."

What I have learned is that there is always something to write about, I just have to wake up my brain from sleep mode.

Here's something to write about :)

Photo by Simon Berger on Unsplash

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