Friday, May 31, 2013

BOOK REVIEW: Mom's Little Black Book

"Mom's Little Black Book," by Marilynn Dawson is a short, inspirational read that blends quips, Bible quotes, meditation opportunities and 'light' reading for the teen who is about to leave home to start life on his/her own.
Marilynn Dawson
Divided into 6 subheadings (spiritual, household, personal care, interpersonal, grocery and financial), "Mom's Little Black Book," offers teens exclusive rights to all that Mom knows and is willing to share about living life with spiritual grounding and a super clear focus.

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Consider these helpful hints:

"Help those who are in need. One day it could be you."
"Clouds are very emotional creatures. They cry at special occasions."
"Racism is pointless. Look at the Panda.! He's black, white and Asian, and everyone loves him!"

"You are the only Bible some people will ever see."
"You know you're tired when you put the dishes in the fridge and the milk in the sink."
"Talk to God. He loves to hear about your day and how you feel."

"Remember prayer is a fancy word for communication between you and God. Give him time to respond."

"Don't hoard God's blessings for yourself. You may just be the delivery conduit."

If one of your children is leaving home for college this summer, or getting married, or perhaps they have just decided it's time to live on their own, "Mom's Little Black Book," is for them.
Instead of talking until you're blue in the face about what they should and shouldn't be doing to remain a strong, active Christian, give them this book.

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