Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Get Real. What Being a Writer Really Means

It's time for a bit of reflection.

Yesterday, the house we wanted came through, and with all of the joy that comes when getting a new house, my next thoughts were, there's so much to do! Fortunately, I have almost a month.

A month!

In the process of moving, I will also be writing, reviewing and doing a bit more than usual cleaning. And then there's the packing and stacking and waiting, because you're living somewhere, but suddenly your heart is no longer where you're currently at.

Being a writer is a bit like that I think. A bit like moving, because there is always work to do and sometimes you're really not sure what to go about doing first.

Still, at the very least I can show you my house.

See that smaller door to the left? That's where you will enter if you're coming for some writing assistance or a book you'd like edited or published. Cool, huh?

Being a writer has its ups and downs as well as its moves. In the beginning I thought I was going to be a journalist. Then I thought I was going to write fiction. And then I discovered I really liked nonfiction. So you never know the moves your writing might take you.

Just like moving into a new house.


  1. Very cool, Kathryn! I want a door like that one on the left :-) Congrats on the new house.

  2. Thanks, Sheila. I am so excited I can hardly stand it!

  3. So happy that you got the house you wanted, Kathryn! It's a super exciting time for you. Wishing you the best. Congratulations on having your own publishing company and writing, too! Very few people can say that.

  4. Deanie,

    Thanks for your kind words. All of them.

  5. Hi Kathryn. I saw that you had tagged Jeanette for recognition and so just bounced over to check you out. Congratulations on being recognized yourself and on your new house. I like your comparison between writing and moving. God bless, Maria at Delight Directed Living

  6. Thanks, Maria, for visiting. I am trying to pack a few boxes each day in order to soften the stress level, but am so excited for the new place!

  7. Congrats on the new house. Email me with your new address. Let me know if you need any help packing. I can help the week of May 26th if you need me. So cool.

  8. Thanks, Michelle! I'll email you the new address!Thanks so much for offering to help. It means a lot!


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