Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Why eBooks?

Just 10 years ago, there wasn't a thing called eBooks. I know. What I delivered to my readers came in the form of a paperback, plain and simple. There just wasn't the eBook option.

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Today, my eBooks double and often triple my paperback sales. And I love it! Though, I myself, read very little of the eBook variety, I know many folks who do, and I continue to produce eBooks for them.

If you're not quite sure if an eBook is the way you want to travel, consider these thoughts:

1. eBooks are cheaper to produce. Actually, if you do all of the work yourself, the cost is FREE. If you don't want to deal with trying to produce it yourself, consider hiring the service out. 
2. eBooks sell at a cheaper price; lots of readers like this because they can try out a new author for less cost than a typically priced paperback would incur.
3. eBooks are easier to carry with you, and you can carry an entire stack with you for very little trouble through an eReader such as Kindle.
4. eBooks are fun to give away as contest giveaways. Many writer and book lover blogs offer opportunties to have a contest where an eBook is given away to a lucky winner.
5. eBooks are easy to 'gift' to reviewers who would like to review your book.
6. Again, eBooks sell triple to paperbacks, so it's a good idea to have your eBook links placed wherever you write and advertise.

Even if you don't enjoy reading eBooks on a Kindle or Nook, (you prefer the smell and feel of a new book like I do) it's a good idea to have the option available for those who do.

Happy Writing!


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