Monday, May 27, 2013

Weed Eaters and Writing

You've heard of weed eaters or weed whackers. They get the edges of the yard that the mower just can't reach. And your yard looks that much nicer if you've cut the corners.

Photo by: lookcatalog, courtesy of Flickr
I finished the lawn mowing this morning, but haven't done any trimming or weed whacking yet. Frankly, I feel as if my husband should take on that job inasmuch as I am mowing. But the weed whacking hasn't happened yet. After the nice trim, I can still see long blades of grass reaching forth into the heavens around sprinkler heads and trees.

And it reminded me of something.

Photo by: The Scooter Guy, courtesy of Flickr

We can polish are writing until it shines. We can trim all those superfluous words until our words are crisp. But sometimes, we're not able to get to the grass around the sprinkler heads or trees simply because it's our work.

We may see it, like those long strands of grass, and yet, wonder how to fix it. We may not see it, or prefer not to do the extra work and allow those strands to grow. Whatever our excuse, there comes a time when all of the trimming needs to be done.

Are you celebrating Memorial Day today? Then have some fun. Take a break.

But tomorrow?

Get back to work.

Have a great day!



  1. Thanks for sharing this, Kathryn. Have a lovely day and we'll both be back to work tomorrow!

  2. I'm editing today but did take time for lunch with hubby at Don Pedros!

  3. Lin, I'm glad you went out to lunch. I've never been to Don Pedros. Was it good?

    Deanie, Thanks! I am working hard on getting things boxed and cleaned for the move. Doing a 'little' relaxing...


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