Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Write When You Don't Feel Like It

I spent some time with a few authors last night sharing some of my marketing tips. What I noticed first upon entering the classroom was that everyone was engaged in what they were doing: critiquing. The focus on critiquing continued as I spoke with the students instructor, (not even a head bobbed in my direction) and this focus continued until it was time for my husband and I to speak.

Photo by: tnarik, courtesy of Flickr
I have been thinking about this focus on writing ever since.

It's easy as a writer to put aside writing endeavors, especially when you don't feel like writing, or editing, or critiquing. Even cleaning up the kitchen cupboards seems more rewarding. But when I write when I don't feel like it, the focus comes fairly quickly and soon enough I am in another world enjoying what I thought "in the previous moment" I didn't really care to do.  

Do you have the same issue? Do you find yourself putting off for tomorrow the joy you could find today in writing?

If so, let me know about it. What do you do to break free of the "not feeling like writing" feeling?


  1. Yes it does help. (setting a deadline) but when you really don't have one, it is hard to set. (For me anyway)


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