Monday, May 20, 2013

Lost, Found and Lost Again: Making Sense of Your Writing Goals

I have many and varied writing goals, which I work on daily. Some of them are:

1. Write every day
2. Market
3. Read
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4. Edit

I also have brought on some new goals, since my writing business is continually growing, and I want to make sure I have daily time for

5. Clients, and that includes mentoring and editing their assignments.

You may be aware that I started a Friday Video post on this blog, but that I haven't kept up with it. Be prepared to see an occasional video from me here, but not necessarily on Friday, and probably not every week. For some reason I just had a tough time finding one that I really liked to post here.

Photo by: Angie Torres, courtesy of Flickr
Goals are meant to be used as direction but not always do they figure into your writing life. Such was the case with the weekly video, and I'm sorry if you liked it and will miss seeing it.

But be assured you will still receive writing tips, reviews, interviews and a bit of writing fun.

Some things are still required.

Making sense of your writing goals means being open to change and improvement, so be assured that I am always willing to take your ideas and implement the ones I see working on my site.

Happy Writing!


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  1. I'm back at work editing my wip. Took a Loooong break-time to work again...


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