Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Stepping back, moving forward

You may have noticed. I have stepped back a bit.

If you've been receiving my newsletter, I'm trying to decide if I want to bring it back.

I have also stepped back on my blog posts.

I have been writing, however, and editing, and trying to keep somewhat busy with my favorite things. 

Reading. Going out to eat. Talking with friends. Reflecting. 

Things today just seem to be ramped up in stress. Even work away from home has done its share of white hair days. Some days, can I just say it? I just want to sit back and watch a few movies. 

Today was a nice surprise. Lots of snow. More snow than I want to shovel, but I do get help over here. School is closed, and my husband was able to stay home from work. 

It's been nice, you know?

So nice, I can't help but start thinking about tomorrow.

It's snowing again and the snow plow hasn't yet made it up our street.

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