Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Enjoy the Journey

It's been said that the greatest reward is in the journey itself and what we learn from it. It's not so much about the new house or the new car or the expensive trip to Tahiti, it's what we learned to get there.

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I agree, so why is it so much easier to disregard the day and look to the future for better things?

Perhaps we are all a little selfish at heart. We're good too, but there's that selfish streak that wants things just how we want them when we want them. We may lose the present because we are dreaming of the future. We may save our money to get into that new house and never really appreciate what we learned by saving up.

What are you learning today?
  • I am learning that even with a new book out and all the time it takes to market it, I must take time out for myself and for my family. I need to enjoy living the "five stones."
  • I am learning that there will still be down days, and how I choose to look at my experiences will send a message to others and to the universe; a message that will return to me.What kind  of answer do I want back?
  • I am learning that it's okay to let go of the way I see things and listen to someone who may feel differently than I do. It may be that after I've listened that I still don't agree, but that's okay. People just want to be heard.
  • I am learning that it's okay to wait for my dreams. In the long run, it will be the journey itself that will get me there. What am I willing to learn from it?
Photo by: Spunkr, courtesy of Flickr
Today, you might want to think of the journey you're on. Are you going through a particular struggle? Are you feeling joy? What are you doing today to prepare yourself for your dream?

I LOVE QUESTIONS, because it's through questions that answers are received. Ask some of your own today as you travel down the road called life. 


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