Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Offering a Workbook as a Companion to your Book

I'm talking about workbooks today, not just because my new guidebook, "Conquering your Goliaths--Guidebook" is ready for sale at Amazon, but because you may have a book in you that could use a workbook too.
Conquering Your Goliaths Guidebook
Create a Guidebook or Workbook
that matches your book
Christian Fiction book
If you've written a self-help book, whether it be fiction, nonfiction or a little bit of both (like mine is) you might just want to consider a workbook.

Workbooks take your reader beyond the story you have written to ACTION. I am a firm believer that a great book should be acted upon. Sure, the reading alone will inspire you to feel better about yourself, even to feel better about your life and give you ways to change it, but unless you act, most of the fulfillment and growth will not be realized.

In my guidebook I have created questions, short personal vignettes about my life, and lots of space to record feelings and desires for a new direction. There are letters to write and people to share with. Because I'm an avid journal writer, I believe that much of what we hold in, much of what we stress about, even much of those things we think about spiritually can grow just with the recording of them.

It isn't easy to take time out of our days to record our life and what we are learning from it, but a guidebook or a workbook can help your readers to expand their knowledge to one of true action and joy! And a workbook can be used just for the individual or in a group setting.

If your're wondering how you are going to market your next book, offer a guidebook during your classes. Give your readers a hands-on opportunity of growth!



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