Thursday, April 26, 2012


The stone of constancy is the final stone in "Conquering Your Goliaths".

How constant are you in following through with projects? Do you find yourself jumping from one to the next and never finishing anything?

Being constant in our endeavors not only helps us to finish them, it gives us a good feeling and maybe some extra money. Constancy means that we don't give up but continue forward no matter how tough it gets. Constancy walks hand in hand with tenacity. With tenacity we create the energy, with constancy we stay on track--no matter what.

Of course, I've begun many projects only to stop them before they're finished. This is usually because:

Photo by Pauls imaging, courtesy of Flickr
  • I get burned out. I force myself to move forward too fast, don't take enough breaks for refueling, and expect to get everything done yesterday.
  • The project's timing isn't right. When I get started in something new I am usually pretty excited about it. As the weeks push on, my interest may wain because I have too much of my focus elsewhere. The truth of the matter is, being constant in anything takes balance as well as timing. If we spread ourselves too thin, nothing great ever gets accomplished, so it's better to let some things go in favor of other things. 
Being constant in anything takes focus, the kind of focus that gets you from one side of the race track to the other while still making time for that well-needed pit stop.

Here's hoping you make time for it.  


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