Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Optimism is the third stone in "Conquering Your Goliaths," and it's an important one. When you listen to God and trust in him, next comes an opportunity to show it.

I'm doing that very thing today. Speaking in front of a group. Knowing what I do about conquering fears, I'm still pretty nervous about sharing. It's one thing to write about it, but quite another to share it.

Photo by: hoppdelaney, courtesy of Flickr
But I'm doing it because I'm optimistic that what I have to share is worth sharing. I also have a good sense of who I am and how that correlates with my writing. I am a part of my new book just as I'm a part of those striving to follow God.

And I think that's important.

Whatever we have written, we need to be positive that what we have written will lift someone, give someone a smile, get someone back on track, bring enjoyment. If we can do that, optimism will shine in our own eyes as well as the eyes of those reading our book.

And that's the greatest hope any writer could have.



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