Friday, July 26, 2013

Healing in Writing

I recently returned from the hospital where my daughter had surgery. After getting her cozy and sleeping at home, I did the same. Life almost gets sucked out of you as you witness the pain of surgery in a loved one.

And I couldn't help it. The feelings that resurfaced as I tried my best to soothe my daughter's pain and fears, made room for those times when I've used healing in my own writing.

Photo by Travelling Steve, courtesy of Flickr
Yes, I have spoken about this subject before. But on a simple level, I find that writing daily, whether it be in my journal, in a blog post such as this one, or working on a writing project, gives me ample opportunity to reveal and heal what hurts.

Not that I want to tell folks everything. Some things are meant primarily for my journal, my best friend, or my mother. But then there are those times, like today, when I feel the need to share what hurts.

Pain can't always be loved away.
Sleep will escape even the most dedicated testers.
Not all nurses care.
Not all hospitals cater to your wishes.
Sometimes you yell.
Sometimes you cry.
And sometimes, it takes everything you've got to get through it.

So, best wishes and love to my daughter in pain. I wish I could take it.



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