Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Looking for Interviews

I have started some new things this year on this blog. I tried a Friday video, which, I found after a couple of posts, really wasn't working.

I started some reviews; which I have to say I enjoy, though I have recently discovered that saying yes to too many people at once just adds to the stress. I have backed up a bit. You should see my review of Memory Lake, soon.

Another thing I've tried is an author interview segment. Trust me, with all that I have going, it hasn't always been easy to keep this one going.

Photo by: koalazymonkey, courtesy of Flickr
And so I'm asking for help.

If you're a published author and want to be interviewed on my site, please drop me a note at: Keep in mind that I interview family oriented writers. I don't want to post anything on my site that doesn't reflect family values.

That said, please feel free to contact me.

Interviews are one of the ways an author gets the word out about what they write, and I love getting to know new people!




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