Thursday, April 30, 2015

When Technical Difficulties Keep You from Writing

Okay, so this post is coming a bit late today. I had a bit of a dilemma this morning.

I couldn't open up my emails.

I couldn't get on the Internet.

I thought, "Great! Now, how will I get my work done?"

I used to get pretty upset when this sort of stuff happened. I rely so much on my computer. But today was a great day for thinking through things. Plus, I had a mentoring session in the morning to take my mind off the problem, at least for awhile.

But let's back track a bit.

I had already rebooted. Twice. Nothing. My husband said, "Check the router." All the green lights were on and so I wondered again what I could do. And then, there it was, a little bug said, "Remember the last time this happened? You turned the router off, waited about 20 seconds, and then turned it back on."

And wa-la! It worked! The task was finished even before my mentoring session had begun.

My husband texted me, "A techie," and I was pretty impressed myself.

All I did was flip a switch, but it's funny, you know - the switch I'd physically switched was quite a bit like the switch I'd emotional switched to the on position to find the problem in the first place.

Funny thing.

Happy Writing!


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