Friday, June 19, 2009

Mom's Credibility

Dear Mom:

Are you really a mom? You don't look old enough. Well, at least not old enough to have teenagers.



Dear Curious:

You know what they say about what happened to the curious cat. Seriously though, yes, I am a mom, and I do have children-three girls to be precise. All three are married, the two oldest with children of their own. So yes, that also makes me a grandmother. I have four grandchildren; three granddaughters and one grandson. I had always heard that grandchildren were your reward for having successfully raised your children. I can believe it. It's like the bonus round or something. I can spoil them rotten, feed them all kinds of good stuff; like chocolate before dinner, and send them home without feeling even the remotest bit of guilt. It's taken me a long time to feel that.

I always feel good when someone guesses me younger than I am-also a bonus round. Thank you and keep reading.


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